Legally reduce
your debt by up to 81%

The rest of the amount will be divided
into low instalments

I live in England, Wales or Northern Ireland

The same programmes are available in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, regardless of which of these countries you live in.


There are three main schemes:



To be eligible to apply for any of the schemes you must meet the following basic conditions:


  • Have a certain amount of debt, whether it is paid regularly or not
  • Have a regular source of income - job, contract, self-employed...
  • Have lived in the UK for at least 6 months
  • Your centre of interests (COMI) must be in one of the above countries
  • You must usually have more than one creditor


If you meet the above conditions and you think we can help you - please fill in the form below. We will review your case, ask a few more questions and then - help you.

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UK DEBTBUSTERS PL LTD always maintains due diligence towards clients, their personal data, and does not hold money of indebted persons.

The company carries out its objectives responsibly and carefully towards the entities with which cooperation agreements have been concluded. Therefore, every debtor seeking help, by contacting us, receives full information of the various options that may help such a person to get out of a debt situation. In accordance with your region of residence, within the United Kingdom. We provide verbal and written information in cooperation with a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner or Debt Counsellor about these solutions, in order for the debtor to make the best decision for him.

The final decision is made by the debtor, based on the material provided to them and the advice and consultation from the Licensed Insolvency Practitioner or Debt Counsellor.

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