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About us

ODDLUZANIEUK.com has been with you since 2016. Since then we have been approached by as many as 6500 debtors in need of help. We help at no extra charge, knowing that an indebted person may not have any amount of money available to give themselves help. With extensive experience and the support of licensed financial analysts, we effectively verify each case. In cooperation with us, you get the best offers and, as a result, effective help. Already in the first month after signing the contract, our clients feel financial comfort and gain financial awareness and control, which leads to an improvement in their lives, also on other levels of life, such as family relations. 


We work only with legal and proven methods that have been authorised in the UK since 1985. We are accountable for the course of your affairs to UK law and therefore cannot afford to provide a poor quality service. We are based in Glasgow, Scotland, however we operate throughout the UK. This is due to the fact that most, and often all, cases can be handled remotely. 


Many of you, as a result of lack of information, rumours and disbelief, are very cautious about advertising and opportunities for debt relief in the UK. We understand this, we also suggest caution in many matters. At the same time, we would like to assure you that submitting an application does not cause you any problems, nor does it bind you in any way for further processing of your case. Moreover, in accordance with the UK Debt Relief and GDPR regulations, we are obliged to inform you of any obstacles as well as to present you with all the possible alternatives, so that you can get the most benefit from our assistance, without unnecessary stress or any concerns. 


We are approached by people who continue to pay their instalments even though this takes away the financial means to meet the other necessities of life, as well as those of you who, for various reasons, have stopped paying your debts and are instead plagued by letters and constant phone calls from creditors. In both cases help is possible as debts also include obligations that are paid on time. 


ODDLUZANIEUK.com has also made a major contribution to ensuring that you understand and know your rights in the UK. We encourage you to read our blog and to like us on our fan page to keep up to date. We also invite you to contact us for assistance. 


Don't worry! Go debt-free!

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